SEM for sale


QUANTA 450 ESEM (year 2012)

The Ultimate low-vacuum SEM with extended low-vacuum capabilities for the really challenging samples and dynamic experiments

Tungsten filament. Electron beam current measurement 
5 axis 100x100mm motorized stage -

-Secondary electron detector
Everhardt Thornley SED
-solid-State BSED
-Large Field Low vacuum SED (LFD) 
-Gaseous SED (GSED) (used in ESEM mode)
-IR camera for viewing sample in chamber 

QUANTA 250 FEG (year 2012)

Integrated Plasma Cleaner
Nav Cam
Manual control panel
Fully refurbished
2 new IGPs

NOVA 600 (year 2003)

o High and Low vacuum capable!
o Schottky FEG
o <0.1 to 30KV continuous
• Detectors
o SE and BSE imaging
o High resolution FEG imaging
• Resolution
o 1nm @ 15KV, 1.8nm @1KV in both high and low vac modes!
o Beam deceleration mode for extreme low KV imaging (sub 100V)
• Stage
o 5-axis motorized eucentric
o 150x150 mm full travel (8” wafer capable)
o -10 to 60 degree manual tilt